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Statistics division of Pakistan Modeling patient satisfaction and service quality. Journal of Health Care Mark, homework practice workbook algebra answers Pakistan has the third largest number of reported cases of Neonatal Tetanus in the world, proportionately higher than the more populous India.

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These diseases leave behind a residue of suffering and disability but are largely preventable. The vaccine which could have prevented these disease, costs no more than a few paisa but this is no consolation to the child or the family who were denied the right to immunization. Quoting statistics from Pakistan, the report noted that in spite of improvements, 40 per cent of Pakistani children are malnourished. More girls than boys are afflicted with malnutrition and of those who survive to puberty significantly large numbers become “at risk” mothers.

The number of women in Pakistan who die while giving birth is difficult to determine.

Health Care in Pakistan: Problems Or Issues With Solutions

The maternal mortality in Pakistan is estimated to be somewhere in the range of to 1, deaths perlive births, genesis bible essay a estimate gives the national maternal mortality rate as The continuing essay on hospitals in pakistan of maternal deaths in Pakistan is brought home in the analysis by Prof.

Jafarey and Kotejo’s study of the women who were “brought dead” to one of the premier health institutions in the country. The major reasons cited by the study were delay in seeking care due to socio-cultural factors and inadequate medical services at the first-care level.

These women did not come from some hard to reach corner of Balochistan, but these women lost their lives right in Karachi, literally within a stone’s throw from some of the most sophisticated tertiary care hospitals in the country. The problem of maternal mortality in Pakistan is a reflection of the generally poor health status medical student essay prize 2016 women’s health.

An overwhelming majority of women suffer from essay on hospitals in pakistan and malnutrition, both of are worsened during pregnancy. Many women never realize their full growth potential, putting them at high risk of obstetrics difficulties. Higher fertility rates, child birth at early ages and high parity and negligent care of high risk pregnancies multiply their risks of sickness and death.

Aslam, Maternal Mortality in Pakistan: Death is the final outcome, but not in all cases. One quarter of all adult worn en in developing countries are affected by injuries and disabilities during pregnancy and childbirth. Infectious diseases continue to have a field day in Pakistan.

Tuberculosis remains a serious public health essay on hospitals in pakistan and malaria has apparently had a comeback. Cholera has re-emerged and essay on hospitals in pakistan is on the ascendant, with reports of new strains, resistant to the essays on hospitals in pakistan in use till now. On the other end of the spectrum is the growing share of non-communicable or life-style diseases, the so-called “diseases of modernization”. These include hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and a variety of essays on hospitals in pakistan.

In the same area, diarrhoea and other infective disorders continued to be rampant as essay french children. Thus while a child may be dying of diarrhoea, his father may be suffering from cardio-vascular disorders. This phenomenon that different regions of the world and currently undergoing a change from a predominance of the acute infection and deficiency affecting children, to a predominance of the chronic diseases of adults in termed “the epidemiological transition.

Among emergent diseases, the spectre of which is already haunting Pakistani society are the dreaded killers AIDS and Hepatitis. While Hepatitis is turning out to be a much bigger killer than realized within the context of Pakistan, the actual number of AIDS cases to date is relatively smaller than some of the other countries in the region. Meanwhile anything can happen to the one in lurch and need. In emergency cases do not be shocked by the selfishness and pathetic rules. Suppose i got an injury in a road accident, I will not be looked-after until someone fills the form on my behalf or pay the fee or essay on hospitals in pakistan my family.

Furthermore, there are long queues just to get a receipt for an appointment with the doctor. Thus, a whole-day is wasted and many have to return because doctor is not available or the time is over for meeting. The more you contemplate, the more you become confused by the bizarre system managed by the people having hearts of stone or might be heartless. Nevertheless, you can avoid all these hurdles and relish a good health-go for private clinics and healthcare centres.

All you need is money.